Advanced Implantology Techniques

Advanced Dental Implant Technology

Computer Guided Implant Placement

With computer-guided surgery, implants have become a simple, painless and completely predictable procedure.

With the use of technology, proper analysis and preparation, the surgical placement of implants is completely accurate and safe.

Specialized software is used to “virtually” place the implant on a three-dimensional model of the jaw from a special dental tomography.

With a 3D printer we print a special surgical guide with which the placement of the implants is done with absolute precision.

We have been using the latest technology in implantology since 2004.

Guided Bone & Tissue Regeneration (GDR-GBR)

Bone regeneration of the jaw and gum regeneration is achieved with membranes and grafts.

With special Dental Surgical techniques and the use of Membranes & Grafts it is possible to regenerate bone and tissue in areas where we have aesthetic problems or anatomical limitations.

The use of Bone Grafting combined with evidence-based and safe techniques offers additional solutions in cases where the jawbone does not have the minimum dimensions required for implant placement.

The modern approach to implantology requires simple procedures with high success rates and the minimum number of visits and recovery time.

Our qualified & highly trained staff can provide solutions to even the most complex problems.

Restoration with Implants in 1 day

Modern implant techniques

Modern Dental Implants are based on the process of Osseointegration which has been extensively studied over the last 50 years.

Classical implant restoration protocols required several stages and overall long total treatment time.

With the development of new types of implants and special surgical techniques, immediate implantation and immediate restoration and function is possible under certain conditions. In our clinic we can ensure that you can have teeth in one day with a fixed denture with 4 implants. Learn more in our article on immediate implant loading.

When the necessary standards are met in terms of logistics & training of medical staff, most, now, cases are restored immediately. The success rates of these special techniques are now equivalent or higher than the classical implantation protocols.

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