Options if you Lose All of your Teeth

Options if you Lose All of your Teeth

The problem

The total loss of teeth causes changes in the appearance of the face and has serious effects on health.

Losing all the teeth has a major impact on quality of life, adversely affecting function and aesthetics and having serious consequences on physical and psychological health.

Removable dentures, complete or partial, significantly help people who have lost all or most of their teeth by enabling them to restore basic functions such as food chewing and speech.

The consequences

Tooth loss affects the shape of the face with negative consequences on the aesthetic appearance.

Complete or partial tooth loss, can cause significant health problems. The World Health Organization describes total tooth loss as a form of disability.

The loss of teeth soon leads to the resorption of bone that was around the roots of the teeth. The aesthetics of the face and the ability to chew food are directly affected. The psychological consequences of tooth loss are a significant daily problem.

Total tooth loss is statistically associated with an increased risk of developing diabetes, chronic kidney problems and cardiovascular disease.

The solutions

The best solution if you have lost all your teeth is the placement of implants.

The loss of all teeth has historically been treated with various types of prosthetics. Restoration efforts have been made since the time of the ancient Egyptians.

The development of dental implants started about 60 years ago by the orthopedic Professor Per Ingvar Branemark, who studied the placement of fixed restorations in patients with no teeth in the lower jaw.

The use of dental implants to support fixed prosthetic restorations is the modern solution for those who have lost or are about to lose all their teeth.

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