All On 4® Teeth In A Day

All On 4® Teeth In A Day

Fixed Teeth on 4 Implants in a Day with All-On-4® protocol

All-on-4 Dental Implants. Complete dental arch with 4 special implants for those who have lost all their teeth.

Get Teeth in a Day with a Fixed Restoration on 4 Implants, thanks to the All-On-4® method.

Restoration of Total Tooth Loss using Dental Implants is a solution for patients who have lost all their teeth or are about to lose them, ensuring immediate fixed denture within a day.

The All-on-4® method has been developed two decades ago by our clinic partner Dr. Paulo Malo and allows recovery of fixed teeth by placing special titanium implants in each jaw, through a quick and minimally invasive procedure with immediate implant loading.

By placing the posterior implants with inclination, the available jaw bone is utilized and it is possible to restore function and aesthetics in patients with minimal bone without the need for bone grafts.

With this method, it is possible to place a non-removable fixed dental prosthesis, which looks completely natural, immediately on the same day of implant surgery.

Fixed Teeth in a Day, Immediate Loading with All-On-4® protocol

All-on-4 Dental Implants. Complete dental arch with 4 special implants for those who have lost all their teeth.

In the last twenty years we have restored hundreds of cases of Total Tooth Loss, using the All-On-4® protocol. Many of our patients have been using removable dentures for decades but due to the high absorption of the jaw bone, they can no longer use them.

Many of them had been informed that due to severe atrophy of the jaw bone or general health problems it was not possible to restore function and aesthetics with fixed teeth on dental implants. In our clinical practice few patients cannot be restored. Contact us to let you know how you too can get teeth in a day utilizing the Original All-On-4® Protocol.

Teeth in a Day with the Inventor of the All-On-4® protocol – Dr. Paulo Malo

The creator of All-on-4, Dr Paulo Malo, collaborates exclusively in Greece with our Clinic.

Our experienced clinical team uses all the modern & safe methods of implantology, in order to provide you with the possibility of obtaining teeth in one day. In cases where the jaw bone is sufficient we use the classic parallel implants in combination with regenerative techniques.

Exclusive collaboration for Greece and Cyprus with the creator of the All-On-4® protocol Dr. Paulo Malo.

Our exclusive collaboration & training with the creator of the All-On-4® protocol Dr. Paulo Malo, gave us new solutions for cases of extremely absorbed bone. With the All-On-4® fixed prosthesis is placed within 24 hours utilizing immediate implant loading and higher success rates than the classical approaches.

ADVANCED IMPLANT CLINICS is a member of the global network of MALO DENTAL International – the only certified dental clinic in Greece.

Find below more information on the All-On-4® Protocol and implant placement procedure.

Step by step procedure for teeth in day with the original All-On-4® protocol

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Step 1 – Complimentary phone or virtual initial consultation

Before your clinical, in-office, examination you can be informed in detail by our specialized Implant Consultant about our procedure and the options that usually exist for Total Oral Rehabilitation. We can send you additional information material or even put you in touch with our patients where they can share their personal experience with you.

This service is provided free of charge and can be scheduled by phone at +30 210 8945111 or online.

Usual Duration: 30 minutes.

Step 2 – Clinical assessment with a Specialist Dentist

We arrange an appointment with a Specialized Dentist – a member of our senior dental team.

A complete clinical examination will be performed and we will analyze all possible options for your case. If the condition of your mouth does not involve complete restoration, you will be directed by the appropriate specialized member of our team.

Duration of Counseling Appointment: 30-60 minutes

Cost: 30€.

Step 3 – Radiological Examination

To complete the diagnosis and the digital analysis of your treatment plan, a special type of Dental Tomography (CB CT Scan) of the jaws is required.

This examination analyzes the anatomy of the upper and lower jaw and we can plan the placement of the implants safely and predictably.

The examination can be done without an appointment within a few minutes at our radiology center.

Exam time: 10 minutes

Cost: 90€.

Step 4 – Treatment planning for All-On-4® protocol

Our specialized Dental team, after evaluating your general health, your clinical condition and your radiological examination, will be able to provide you with a written treatment plan that includes all the stages as well as the total personalized cost to get teeth in one day, in the upper or lower jaw or in both together.

Time needed: A few hours after receiving the radiological examination.

Cost: Included in the cost of the Consulting Appointment.

Please read the factors that determine the final total cost in the article: Costs and prices of dental implants.

Step 5 – Pre-operative Procedures

Once you have decided that we can go ahead restoring your smile, chewing & speech we will need to take special photos, measurements and intraoral impressions in order to prepare your fixed prosthetic work, before the implant surgery appointment.

Step 6 – Dental Implant Surgery Day for All-On-4® protocol

It is the day when the whole treatment is provided. We do all the extractions that are required, any oral pathology (lesions, cysts etc.) is removed, and the jaw bone is prepared for the placement of the special implants of the All-On-4® protocol.

The fixed prosthesis, which has already been fabricated, is adjusted and adapted to the implants. There is a laboratory stage of 4-5 hours where the patient is free to leave or stays in our private waiting room.

The fixed dental prosthesis is placed in the afternoon or the next day if the patient is tired. With the immediate loading of the implants (medical term that means that the dental implants are used to hold a fixed bridge before the osseointegration), the patient leaves our clinic with fixed teeth. No need to use removable dentures during the healing time.

The Next Day

The day after the surgery the prosthetic work is checked and adjusted again. No local anesthesia is required, the prosthesis is already firmly placed in the implants, the function, the aesthetics and advice on how to keep the area clean is given.

After Implant Surgery

In the first days after the surgery, we expect some swelling and mild discomfort in the area. We prescribe special medication for you. Many of our patients do not even feel the need to take painkillers.

Oral Hygiene and Diet

Your new teeth are fixed, you have to follow simple oral hygiene instructions, as we do with your natural teeth.

While our patients feel their teeth immediately stable and functional, it is important for the initial period to prefer soft food (fish, pasta, eggs, etc.) so as not to exert excessive forces during chewing for the healing period.

Next appointments to check and monitor oral hygiene are in 10 days, 2 months and 4 months after surgery.

Step 7 – Final Titanium Fixed Bridge

Within the first 6 months, the biological process of osseointegration of the implants has progressed, while at the same time the jaw bone and the gums of the area reshape and take their final position.

The initial fixed prosthesis work with your teeth is made with special materials and specifications so that it does not affect the initial healing process.

The final prosthetic work (its cost is included in the total price of the All-On-4® protocol) is built on a special titanium frame that is produced individually for each patient with advanced laboratory techniques (CAD/CAM NobelProcera®) – with specifications for lifetime use and for types of food.

The Final Prosthetic work fully restores the Aesthetic and Functional requirements of our patients. The MALO Dental Titanium Bridge is the most appropriate and clinical proven prosthesis for Full Mouth Oral Rehabilitation.

Advantages of the Original All-On-4® protocol

Advantages All-On-4® Removable Denture
Jaw Bone Helps in maintaining the dimensions of the jaw bones. Jaw atrophy (bone loss) over time.
Stability The prosthesis is a fixed bridge. It is as stable as the natural teeth. It sits on the gums. It can slip, causing embarrassment and discomfort.
Feeling Same feeling as natural teeth. In the upper jaw the palate is covered by the denture. It takes time to get used to it. In the lower jaw the tongue moves the denture.
Life Expectancy For life. It usually lasts 7 to 15 years.
Care Brushing and flossing as with natural teeth. They must be removed for cleaning.
Appearance Like natural. The prosthesis supports lips and cheeks correctly. Sometimes they are loose and you might feel embarrassed and stressed. Jaw bone gradually shrinks leading to older face appearance.
Speech Teeth position is optimal and teeth are stable. After short period your natural pronunciation is restored. Dentures are bulky and removable structures, time and patience is needed to speak naturally.
Eating No restrictions, you can eat without concerns. Balanced chewing must be learnt, problems with sticky and hard food.
Treatment Procedure Oral surgery involved, completed in the same day. Not surgical treatment needed.

The advantages of the dental implants and the dental bridge used in the original All-on-4 protocol in comparison with removable dentures involve:

Jaw bone is stabilized.

Dental implants of the All-On-4 method help to maintain the jaw bone. In contrast, dentures can accelerate this bone loss due to pressure on the gums and jaw.


With the All-On-4 technique new artificial teeth are supported on implants and not on gums, so they do not slip or hurt the oral cavity.

Better diet

The special implants that used in All-On-4 method are strong enough to withstand the forces exerted during chewing, allowing you to have a healthier and varied diet. Denture users should avoid some foods that are difficult or nearly impossible to consume because they are too hard or crunchy and could cause damage to their dentures and gums.

Improved confidence

Artificial teeth that are firmly supported on dental implants do not move when you eat or talk, so you can feel comfortable in your social interactions without worrying that they will move or slip.

Improved appearance

The loss of teeth and jaw bone affects the morphology of the face and can make you look several years older than your real age. The fixed dental prosthetic work used in the authentic All-on-4 method is engineered to replace the height lost between the upper and lower jaw and properly support your cheeks and lips.

No adhesives pastes are required

Teeth are securely attached to dental implants, in contrast to removable dentures which usually require the use of adhesive pastes to keep them in place.

What is the cost of the Original All-On-4® protocol?

The cost of an All-On-4® procedure varies between patients. On your first appointment we perform a thorough evaluation of your personal oral status, in order to provide you with the accurate cost, including teeth extractions that might be needed, the – special type – dental implant placement and the fixed dental prosthetic structures (bridges) that are an integral part of the protocol. Note that you have to be careful because several dentists do not include in the cost the final prosthetic work, they usually use ordinary type implants and prosthetic work without the special titanium frame. These are important components of the original and long proven All-On-4 protocol.

If you leave abroad or a at remote location you can send us your CT records to provide you with an initial free estimate and discuss if you are a suitable candidate for treatment with All-On-4® protocol.

To know how costs are determined and avoid unpleasant surprises read our guide to implant prices. At Advanced Implant Clinics our consistency in providing high quality services at a reasonable price positioned our Clinic as a top provider in the Greek market for the All-On-4® procedure.

On your first visit ask us about the financing options we offer to make in order to make the treatment affordable. We offer credit card interest-free installments and other options.

Contact us to schedule an appointment at our Clinic in Glyfada in Athens in order to discuss the options that suit your finances and requirements for fixed teeth in one day and give you a beautiful, shiny smile for the rest of your life without worrying about the prices!

Why choose us for your treatment with the All-On-4® protocol?

It is simple:

  • We are pioneers in the All-On-4® treatment protocol in Greece.
  • It is no coincidence that the creator of the All-On-4®method, Dr Paulo Malo, chose Advanced Implant Clinics as the only Clinic in Greece for exclusive collaboration.
  • We use the most modern technologies such as special digital oral scanners and surgical software to study and virtual simulate your surgery, 3D printers to produce special surgical guides that increase the safety and accuracy in the placement of your implants and completely reliable methods of producing your prosthetic works with CAD/CAM technology.
  • The broad experience and expertise of our specialized dentists in Total Oral Rehabilitation with All-On-4®protocol guarantees the excellent result for you.

All-on-4® - Frequently Asked Questions

How many appointments are needed to complete the All-On-4® protocol?

Evaluation Appointment

An introductory appointment takes place to assess your oral health and record your needs.

From a 3D Cone Beam CT Scan

  • We formulate the treatment plan
  • We present the proposed position of the implants in your jaw

Rehabilitation Appointment

Our surgical procedure is completed in one day and our patients leave with fixed teeth. The following is done:

  • Tooth extractions, when required
  • Surgical placement of the implants
  • Adjustment and placement of the prosthetic restoration

Maintenance Appointment

All of our treatments require periodic exams of the condition of your mouth.

Why doesn’t the All-on-4 surgical protocol require a bone graft?

With traditional dentistry, when implants are placed and the adjacent teeth are healthy, a bone graft is often necessary to create the right bone anatomy and to be tailored to the anatomy of the adjacent teeth.

By placing the two posterior implants at an angle of 45 degrees, the useful anatomy of the jaws is utilized and it becomes possible to place fixed teeth in patients with minimal bone, without the need for bone grafts. The result is a fixed prosthesis, which looks completely natural and is placed immediately on the day of surgery.

I have been told that I don’t have enough bone for the placement of implants, is there a simple solution?

90% of the patients who visit us are told that they are not suitable patients for dental implants.

The traditional (classical) method of implant placement requires complex surgeries such as sinus lift, bone grafts and a 6-12 month healing period, with not consistent success rates.

At Advanced Implant Clinics, the special type of implants we use and the standard surgical and prosthetic procedure allow, in most cases, immediate implantation and function with fixed teeth.

I have been told that I will have permanent teeth 6-12 months after the surgical placement. How is it possible to have teeth in 1 day?

In our clinic we apply immediate implantation & loading techniques so that any extractions, surgical placement of the implants as well as the prosthetic work are performed in one day.

With the traditional (classical) methods of implant placement, a healing period of 6 to 12 months is required (if bone grafts are required) before the prosthetic work is placed. During healing the patient usually wears a removable denture.

The All-On-4® protocol has been fully documented for 20 years. The combination of a specialized team and the use of the right implant leads to success rates equal to or greater than those of traditional approaches.

Why don’t all dentists use the All-on-4 procedure?

The All-On-4® method has been developed by Dr. Paulo Malo 25 years ago and is constantly evolving. For a dentist to be able to offer it as a solution specialized training and know-how on many levels is required.

  • The implant surgeon treats extremely atrophic jaws in combination with the remaining teeth or existing cysts. The placement area of ​​the special implants is different from the usual. Extensive experience in surgical implant placement is required (internationally accepted learning curve of over 2000 simple implant cases). The supporting literature for this method (studies over 18 years) study the NobelSpeedy® Nobel Biocare® implants, which are specifically designed for this protocol and require special technical knowledge for their use. If the special implants of the method are not used, then the treatment is of the “type” All-On-4® which has no bibliographic documentation and is misleadingly “baptized” All-on-4.
  • The prosthetic restoration involves Total Oral Rehabilitation which has the most complex requirements both in the design of the occlusion (the way the teeth come in contact and function) as well as in the fit – connection with the implants that support it. A dentist specialized in Prosthodontics can meet the requirements of the All-On-4® treatment.
  • The dental laboratory that participates in the construction of the fixed prostheses, which is an integral part of the All-On-4® protocol, has special certification and extensive knowledge of the method. The framework of the final fixed restoration is made of a single titanium bar (NobelProcera® titanium framework) produced with industrial level equipment exclusively in the USA.

In order to have the bibliographic success rates, the absolute control of all the above factors is required. Otherwise, we cannot talk about the All-On-4® technique but about good, most of the time, intentions that are not enough to have documented, predictable and permanent results.

Our cooperation with the global network of MALO Dental International offers us specialized access to the latest developments in Total Oral Rehabilitation. It is no coincidence that Advanced Implant Clinics is the only Dental Clinic in Greece that has an exclusive collaboration with the creator of the All-On-4 method, Dr. Paulo Malo.

Is it a painful procedure and how long does the pain last in the All-on-4 treatment?

The All-on-4 surgery is almost painless. When the anesthesia wears off, the patient will experience some swelling and pain that will last for a few days. Many patients return to their normal routine (work, etc.) 1-2 days after surgery. This time off is not required because of the pain, but because they have to adjust to the presence of their new teeth, as it can slightly affect their speech.

Is it possible for me to encounter unexpected problems?

Our medical team has treated thousands of patients. Therefore, due to our extensive experience and proper data processing, serious problems are extremely rare to occur.

We assure you that we are here for you. If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact us. We are by your side to reassure you.

Your health and well-being is the number one priority for us. That’s why we have thousands of happy patients.

Are advanced age or poor health a contraindication to implant placement?

Health is more important than age. If you are healthy enough to have a tooth extracted, you may be healthy enough to receive dental implants. Implant therapy may not be recommended for patients with certain chronic diseases. An examination by one of our team’s dentists, along with a review of your dental and medical history, will help determine if you qualify for an implant procedure. Most patients qualify.

What is the success rate of the All-on-4 implant protocol?

Published studies show that the All-on-4 protocol has a success rate of over 97%. After the implant placement it is very important to visit your dentist periodically in order to keep the area around the implants clean, so that your gums stay healthy. Also, smoking is an important factor that affects the long-term success of all dental implants. If you cannot quit smoking, at least try to reduce it.

In order to ensure success of the All On 4 implant placement, we use implants from certified companies such as NobelBioCare, a leading company in the production and manufacture of implants, specializing for more than 40 years in dealing with the problem of tooth loss.

With the combination of a specialized surgical and prosthetic team, a specialized dental laboratory and modern restorative materials, we guarantee the success of your implants.

You come to the Advanced Implant Clinics and you leave the same day with fixed beautiful teeth and a wonderful smile, restoring your oral health and the appearance of your face.

What is the difference between the restoration with the All-on-4 dental implants and full dentures?

The All-On-4® implant treatment protocol includes a permanent fixed set of teeth that looks and functions like natural teeth. The All-on-4® restoration:

  • Provides fixed teeth that are brushed and cleaned like natural teeth.
  • You don’t need to remove it at night or in order to clean it like you do with dentures.
  • No need to use adhesives.
  • It is comfortable because it doesn’t press on your gums.
  • It allows you to eat hot and cold food, and it doesn’t alter the taste.
  • It allows you to bite with increased force (up to 70% more), so you can eat all your favorite foods again.
  • It prevents bone resorption. The presence of implants in the jaw stimulates the bone, preventing further atrophy.
  • The fixed prosthetic restoration that is placed on the special implants has the same appearance as natural teeth, no one notices the difference.
  • Restores your facial features since it harmoniously supports your lips and cheeks.

What is the difference between the All-On-4® implant treatment and other implant treatments?

The All-on-4® dental implant technique uses only four, special type implants per arch, while traditional implant techniques use at least 5 dental implants in the lower jaw and at least 6 implants in the upper jaw, most often in combination with bone grafts. The posterior implants in the All-on-4® procedure are placed at an angle, which allows us to avoid the maxillary sinus area in the upper jaw and other vital elements in the lower jaw. With this special placement of the All-on-4® implants, bone grafting is not required for most patients (a procedure that can take up to 6 months or more), whereas bone grafting is often required in other, traditional, implant procedures. The use of special implants, combined with a sophisticated surgical technique that utilizes specific areas of the jaws, allows us to immediately use those implants to support a fixed prosthetic restoration. The ability to immediately load dental implants in the All-on-4® protocol saves you time, money and eliminates discomfort, with a success rate equal to or better than traditional implant protocols.

Who is the ideal candidate for the All-On-4® implant treatment?

The ideal candidate for the All-on-4 dental implant procedure is anyone who is currently wearing dentures or who will need dentures in the future. Age does not matter, but dental implant candidates must be in good health due to the fact that implant treatment is not indicated for some patients with chronic serious conditions. Non-smokers and people in good health are the best candidates.

We use advanced 3D imaging techniques (Cone Beam CT Dental Scan) to expertly assess which treatment options will be right for you. Using the 3D image of your jaw, we evaluate the morphology, quality and precise dimensions of the bone. Nearly 95% of patients, with or without teeth, are candidates for the All-on-4 procedure. We also perform virtual surgery before you come for your surgical appointment – meaning you’ll be able to see your results before surgery, and every pre-planned step will be performed with maximum precision.

How do I know if I should choose the All-On-4® or another implant procedure?

Sometimes other more traditional treatments may also be a viable option for your case. In other cases, the All-On-4 method is a better treatment option. When you come to our clinic on your first visit, we evaluate your situation and make a customized diagnosis to see which option/method is the best treatment for you.

Where will my artificial teeth be fabricated?

In our clinic, your new teeth will be made by certified dental laboratory professionals, with experience in the All-On-4 prosthetic reconstruction. Some stages of the prosthetic restoration (such as the special titanium framework) are done at a specialized industrial CAD CAM center in the United States (NobelProcera Technology). We ensure that you are satisfied with the results by giving you the time to check your new teeth and make changes if necessary.

After the All-On-4® procedure will my teeth look like natural teeth?

Absolutely. The All-on-4 dental implant technique results in permanent teeth that have the appearance and function of natural teeth. No one will know you have implants unless you tell them.

Why don't I get my permanent teeth on the day the implants are placed?

The All-On-4 treatment, like any surgery, requires some healing time. The gums and jawbone take their final shape as they heal. However, at our clinic we will not leave you without teeth!  A temporary set of fixed teeth, which will have the appearance of natural teeth, will be placed on your implants on the day of the surgery. Once the healing and implant osseointegration process is complete, your permanent teeth will be fabricated and delivered.

What if I need implants in only one jaw? What if one day I need All-on-4 dental implants in the other jaw as well?

All-on-4 implants can be placed in either the upper or the lower jaw or both. At the first appointment in our clinic, we will evaluate your case and let you know if you need a complete dental restoration in both jaws, a solution that provides better results, while saving time and money. We will discuss with you in order to determine what best suits your needs, both in terms of health and cost.

How do I clean the implants after placement?

You clean the implants the same way you clean your natural teeth. Daily brushing and interdental brushes are recommended. Our dentists will give you oral hygiene instructions that suit your case.

All-on-4 dental implants: Beautiful and less costly

Traditional dental implant treatments require the placement of at least 5 or more implants per arch, and in most cases require complex, time-consuming, and often unpredictable bone grafting techniques. And for those who choose to do nothing about missing teeth or choose to wear removable dentures, the cost is much higher, in pain, embarrassment, cleaning and adhesive products and general health.

When calculating the cost in euros, the treatment time and the personal and emotional well-being, the All-on-4 dental implant procedure ranks higher. It saves money. It saves time because you get stable teeth in one day. It reduces stress. It reduces healing time. And it relieves you of the emotional stress caused by others not liking how you look or feel. In most cases, with the All-on-4 process you can eat and drink things you could never have before. And no one will notice that you have implants!

The All-on-4 dental implant protocol is recommended for people whose teeth have been severely damaged, for people without teeth, for those who wear dentures and for people who need a complete restoration of one or both jaws. The procedure uses only four implants (remember, traditional procedures require 5-6 or more) and a complete set of new implant-supported teeth, which are placed immediately on the day of surgery. This saves time and money, reduces treatment time and gives you many reasons to smile.

Unlike any other implant approach, the All-on-4 procedure at Advanced Implant Clinics can eliminate the need for removable dentures. Because fewer implants are required, the procedure is faster, the cost is lower and the healing time is greatly reduced. All-on-4 is a less invasive procedure that will give you fully functional teeth that function and look like the natural teeth.

With the All-on-4 dental implant procedure at Advanced Implant Clinics, you will have permanent teeth and a permanent smile in one day.

What will my postoperative diet be?

Your new teeth will be strong and stable. In the first few days you will be able to eat most foods right away, except for very hard foods. For the healing period you can eat without fear anything cut with a fork. With the final prosthetic work, which includes a special titanium framework, you can eat anything freely, like you did with your natural teeth.

Does the All-on-4 treatment include a bone grafting procedure?

In most cases, we are able to place 4 implants and restore a complete dental arch without a bone graft. We use computer-guided techniques, which allow us to plan the exact placement of each angled implant to make the most of the existing bone, thus avoiding a bone graft.

How long does the All-on-4 implant surgery last?

The operation usually lasts about 3 to 4 hours per arch, during which there is a possibility to take short breaks if necessary.

How long does the All-on-4 procedure take?

After your initial visit to our Clinic and the diagnostic procedures (computed tomography, etc.), your implants and the new fixed bridge will all be placed in a single appointment, within a day, even if you need several tooth extractions. With All-on-4, you arrive at our Clinic with worn or missing teeth and leave the same day with a restoration of fixed, functional teeth and a beautiful smile that everyone will envy.

What is the success rate of the All-on-4 procedure?

Published studies show an international success rate of 98.2% when using the All-on-4 technique on the lower jaw. Other studies show 97-98% success in the upper jaw for the same procedure. If, based on the clinical and radiological examination, we recommend this procedure το you, our clinic has the above (especially high for a medical procedure) success rates, since it is done by a specialized dental team that has the necessary knowledge and experience.

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